CBM Electronics Ltd., located in Cluj Napoca, Romania has been producing automations equipments and utilities since 1994. Our products and services are of high quality and at accessible prices as our permanent clients can confirm: 

    R.A.D.P Turda - asphalt producer
    Drumuri Judetene Maramures (Targu Lapus) – asphalt producer
    HASIT Turda – industrial weighter
    Rominserv Zalau – cast iron
    Purcsa Prod Beclean – brick factory
    Napochim Cluj Napoca – plastic molding machines
    RATUC Cluj Napoca – power factor correction
    RATUC Cluj Napoca – monitoring internal combustion engine parameter
    Universitatea Tehnica Cluj Napoca – monitoring internal combustion engine parameter
    Facultatea de Inginerie Hunedoara – monitoring internal combustion engine parameter
    Universitatea "Dunarea de Jos" Galati – monitoring internal combustion engine parameter
    RAAL Bistrita – PLCs used in electrical cables production


    Our company’s policy involves great flexibility and immediate responses to our customer’s demands.



               CBM Electronics offers you:


    • Inductive proximity sensors;
    • Time relays;
    • Displays for general purposes;
    • Counter- revolution counter;
    • Level control
    • Thermostats
    • Temperature sensor
    • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)



Our services:


    • Updates for machines, tools, installations, technological lines;
    • Software for monitoring industrial processes;
    • Production of unique or small series products;
    • Design of electronic projects.



     Here are some examples of products and services we have offered to our customers: machines for pressurized aluminum casting, plastic molding machines,  machines for cutting and soldering plastic bags, dosing and packaging machines, stands for monitoring heat engines parameters , asphalting station.


     We hope our offer responds to your needs and that you will not hesitate to request our services.